In the Company of Nurses

“Leveraging the Power of Nursing.”

“Not all superheroes wear capes. “

We are, and we honor all frontliners for their amazing contributions and courage during the ongoing fight against COVID-19 and through the recovery and rebuilding of our global communities.

Nurses are taught to be change agents — not risk-takers or business owners. 

Recognizing that it may take years for the Nursing school curriculum to adapt, Care Home By RNs vision is to bring involvement of the most trusted profession into community-based care. Care Home By RNs provides a link between Nurses with needed business opportunities and resources for sustainable Nurse-managed community based and care based business. 

We know successful Nurse businesses increase workforce satisfaction, increase revenue opportunity, and increase consumer access to Nurse-led high value, high-quality health care– the ultimate win/win!  (Reference:

Care Home By RNs was founded by Nurses in 2006.

The Nursing Science behind Nurses as coronavirus hospital heroes.

The coronavirus pandemic has given Nurses a rare moment in the media spotlight. They are being heralded as lifesaving heroes on the front lines of the pandemic. The Covid-19 fight is a team effort, but Nurses have a unique role. In intensive care units, 86% of patient care time comes from Nurses, while only 13% comes from Physicians.

Nurses have always enjoyed public respect and are routinely rated the No. 1 most honest and ethical profession in the United States. But this moment in the media spotlight highlights how little most people truly understand about Nursing.

Despite being the largest health care profession in the U.S., with almost 4 million Nurses, we are hard-pressed to find almost anyone who can articulate exactly what “Nursing” is and what Nurses are doing in the fight against Covid-19. How would you define nursing? (“Doctor’s assistant” is the wrong answer.)

Like Medicine, Nursing is a scientific discipline, and it’s time people see Nurses as more than just angels or heroes. Nurses are not kind and heroic simply because they are good people, but because Nursing Science tells us that building relationships with patients and treating the whole-person response to disease is therapeutic for their health.

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